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Well it’s been a while since we put out an update, but that doesn’t mean SACV hasn’t been busy!  In the last month or two we have worked in the quarry area at Tegg’s Nose Country Park (Sunday 12th June), when a damp day didn’t stop us from getting lots of heathland management work done; done some path maintenance work at Sale Water Park (Sunday 26th June) for City of Trees, taking care not to destroy some of the banks of wildflowers; and worked with the Cheshire Wildlife Trust at Birch Farm Ponds (Sunday 10th July) tackling the invasive Himalayan balsam.  Here’s hoping the rest of the summer continues in the same productive vein!

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Coppicing at Sale Water Park

In today’s lovely autumn weather, SACV volunteers worked for the Mersey Valley Wardens at Sale Water Park in the willow coppice.  The willow here had not been coppiced for some time, but after a few hours’ work we had made a lot of progress: the space was a lot clearer, the brightness of the lovely October day was breaking through, and the willow is ready for sprouting again!  All being well a good local use will be found for the cut material.

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