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This weekend before last (Friday 12th to Sunday 14th September) a group of us did two days’ work with the Peak Park Conservation Volunteers, as our final residential weekend of the year.  We were working on the edge of Tittesworth Water, to re-enable the use of a bird-screen which ought to have given excellent views of birds on the water and the shore but had become completely overgrown with willow.  We were lucky enough to have pretty good (sometimes even hot!) autumn weather on both days and on the Saturday most of us also managed a walk once our work was done – heading to the Roaches and climbing Hen Cloud for a quick look at the view before getting back in time for our usual evening meal at The Lazy Trout!

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A couple of weeks ago (Friday 9th to Sunday 11th May 2014) we had our second weekend away of the year, doing a couple of days’ work with the Peak Park Conservation Volunteers. We were carrying out maintenance work on a bird-hide on the edge of Tittesworth Water – and it was just as well that we had the bird-hide to shelter in from time to time as some of the weekend’s weather was very inclement! But we managed to get most of the requisite done (apart from the outdoor painting!) and it was good to see that the hide gets plenty of use. In particular, a number of bird-watchers came by to use the hide to take a look at three oystercatcher chicks on one of the reservoir’s islands.

As usual, we had a relaxing Saturday evening in the local pub and a few entertaining card games (Saboteur!) back in the accommodation afterwards – so all in all a very a enjoyable weekend.

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