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Yesterday SACV members were out with the Friends of the Fallowfield Loop, working in and around one of the community orchards on the Loop, in Levenshulme.  We helped with building two willow arches, using willow harvested from the Loop, and some weeding and general maintenance around the orchard trees was also done.  Meanwhile, Incredible Edible Levenshulme were also out, working on their raised beds of herbs and fruit.  Many thanks to all helpers!

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SACV volunteers were out today helping the Friends of the Fallowfield Loop with the planting of a new hedgerow.  See here for what we got up to!

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Today members of SACV were out with the Friends of the Fallowfield Loop – read more here…

Friends of the Fallowfield Loop

Today members of the Friends were out with the Sale and Altrincham Conservation Volunteers (SACV) to do preparatory work for another in the series of community orchards along the Loop.  Given recent weather, it was very pleasing to find we had a still day and wonderful sunshine for the task!  Today’s aim was to prepare the site for the planting of the trees in four weeks’ time, in particular to get the planting holes ready and use compost and topsoil to improve conditions (given the site’s past as the route of the railway) for the new trees.

If anyone would like to come back to join in with the planting on Sunday 16th March, all volunteers will be welcome!

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Today SACV were out, together with the Friends of the Fallowfield Loop, doing preparation work for a new community orchard on the Loop.  Today the planting holes were dug and prepared with compost, and we’ll be back at the site to help with the planting of the orchard in four weeks’ time, on Sunday 17th March.  In addition to the orchard work, preparation for a new boundary hedge on the corner of Sherwood Street and Wellington Road was carried out.  As the pictures show, it was a perfect sunny spring day to be out volunteering!

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